A complete guide to Emoji Marketing in 2020
(With insanely creative examples)

While we are focused on adopting various aspects of marketing, most of the businesses are missing out on one thing that is growing tremendously. Guess what? They are the very Emojis we use in our daily conversations. They are upstaging every other marketing and becoming a surefire way to gain all the attention of the customers. To your surprise, Emoji has created its own marketing and is enjoying the heyday.

But how?

This breakneck growth is happening because of one reason: Emojis are miniature versions of long worded expressions. No need for a grander explanation; Emoji speaks for itself. As simplicity and efficiency go hand in hand, even top businesses couldn’t stop opting for them. Big brands are using emoji for a wider reach. Now Emoji has become a Universal language like English.

What is Emoji Marketing?

Emoji Marketing is the clever use of Emojis in various marketing communications like social media posts, email marketing, blogs, Ads, chats, etc. so that the target audience catches the message instantly. Emoji marketing is not waiting in the wings anymore. It has already pervaded the digital space. All businesses should start using it by knowing how to use it. Here are some Pro tips to incorporate Emoji Marketing in your business communications.

1) Use Emojis instead of words:
While you tweet or write a caption for the social media post, start adding emojis instead of words. This will add zing to your content.
Eg. Google India tweeted a tribute note for MS Dhoni’s retirement. The adding of search emoji makes it more readable and easy to understand. This is how you should utilize emoji in a subtle way which ultimately gives an effective impression.
Extra tip: Don’t limit emojis to the posts. Use them while you reply to the user comments so that you can express the emotions in a better way.

2) Express a whole lot of content with Emojis
When you want to express more but got limited to your characters, Emojis come to the rescue. Aspects like Email Headlines are said to be the trickiest ones. Because one must put a lot of effort into a few words to persuade audiences to click. Emojis help to spice up your headlines and urges the audience to click.
Here is an example where Swiggy wrote the headline using Emojis for their Genie Pot Luck Campaign. While we are stuck at home during the pandemic, Swiggy organized a Potluck event by being the middleman to exchange the food between the loved ones. Participants would also win prizes. See how Swiggy wrote an emojified headline:

If they had used words instead, it wouldn’t be this short and interesting.

3) Feedback
Ask feedback on your product/service using emojis. This is an easier, simpler, and creative way of asking for feedback than the boring traditional ways. People won’t refrain from doing it.

4) Don’t spread but sprinkle
Overusing anything leads to irritation. So don’t fill your content with full of emojis. Be concise. Know where to include and where to ignore emojis.

5) Humanize your brand with emojis
Tell brand stories using emojis. Express the feelings and emotions aptly through them. Create emoji-based physical products that represent your business. This way your business attains a human voice and face that people instantly love, recognize, and engage.
Emoji marketing doesn’t stop with inserting emojis here and there in the content. It goes beyond that. Following examples show you how you can leverage emojis in innovative ways:

1) Motorola ad:
In 2016, Motorola launched a ‘Droid Turbo 2’ Smartphone highlighting the shatterproof screen. It used emojis in an ultra-innovative way to convey the message. On the fall of a phone, an emoji fell out of it and an ambulance emoji comes to its rescue. On a turn, Droid Turbo 2 falls and it is perfectly intact. Who wouldn’t love this promotion? See the Ad for yourself below:

2) Domino’s Emoji pizza delivery:
Domino’s began a witty campaign that allows their customers to order pizza on a single send of this emoji - 🍕. The campaign was a hit and it also received the Cannes Titanium Grand Prix for the top breakthrough idea of the year.
The minimalism and the effective use of emoji made this initiative popular. This is a still-running campaign. You can order by texting a pizza slice emoji and fulfill your cravings.

Image courtesy: Domino’s

3) Merging real videos with emojis: On World Emoji Day (July 17), the Olympic page shared a video that features several sports clips. The fact that grabbed all the eyeballs is the blending of emojis with the real videos. This addition makes the video stand out from the crowd. Have a look at it below:

4) Google India’s COVID-19 awareness tweet: As we are battling the deadly coronavirus, Google India conveyed its wishes for world emoji day through a bespoke emoji to represent ‘safe air hug’. This creative twist is something else. If you notice the twitter handle of Google India, it is apparent that they are a Pro in using Emojis. In various tweets, they leveraged Emojis for better communication and engagement.

5) Amber Spiegel’s Emoji Cookies:
The Founder of Sweetambs Cookies Amber Spiegel created Emoji-like cookies that are absolutely mouthwatering. She took the famous food emojis we use and recreated them in stunning cookies form. These cookies went wild in the social media and Amber gained lots of praise for her innovative and yummy cookies. Don’t forget to watch the artful making of these amazing cookies:
The above compilation had a spectrum of examples from Top brands to start-ups that utilized the power of Emojis in an unbelievably creative manner. They incorporated emojis in their products or to promote their products and services. This is how every business should make the most out of Emojis.
With emojis, you can innovate zillion times and reach a higher level of audience and conversions. As digital communication is evolving every day, hitch a ride on the latest trends, and showcase your brand with the utmost modernity to increase your customer base.