Why should your business need a Mobile App?

Being a small business owner, have you been sidelining the idea of an App for your brand? Are you under the impression that only big businesses need Mobile apps? If yes, it seems like it's time for some enlightenment. Yes! Mobile Application has evolved as an indispensable requisite for any business whether it is small or big. Many micro and small businesses are opting for their Mobile App presence. Be it a furniture showroom or a hotel in the corner of the city, almost every brand has their Appstore being.

But, why the hype? Why is it important to have an App? Here are some interesting statistics which answers to those questions:
1. 85 percent of consumers prefer native mobile apps over a mobile website.
2. 57% of all digital media usage comes from mobile apps.
3. There are over 5 billion mobile users in the world.
This signifies that you have to popularise your business where the large crowd is sitting on i.e Mobile Apps. Now, it’s patent clear that Mobile App is the need of the hour for your business.

Business & Mobile Apps – An inextricable Duo of the Digital World:
Since its inception, Mobile App has pervaded the business arena when the outspread of the Internet happened and now the app business has flourished. Out of many productive digital marketing methods, the Mobile app takes the center stage because of the massive benefits. Let’s glance them below:
1. A firm mobile presence tags your brand with the customers through its constant interactions.
2. Mobile App holds user accounts, syncs email, and social media accounts.
3. Simple push notification on the new feature, product launch, or any offer/special discounts can do a lot to your sales.
4. It takes customers to the core of all your business by being the direct marketing channel.
5. It helps in reaching out to the millennials as they account for the majority.
6. It exceedingly enhances customer experience making the reach of business information easier.
7. Having a mobile app always gives an edge over your competitors.

Different Apps for different businesses:
Next is deciding on the App type for your company. Mobile Apps are of varied types. iOS Apps, Android Apps, Hybrid Apps, Fitbit app, Windows app, VR/AR apps, Gaming apps, etc. You can select a type that will suit your business need. It’s best to go for a type that clearly reflects the business idea and also helps in achieving brand awareness and sales conversions.
You can also consult with Mobile experts and decide on the best app type which is in tune with your business. Normally, Mobile app developers themselves give a piece of idea on this. So, you don’t have to much worry about it.

Latest Advancements in Mobile App development:
Innovation can be done zillion-fold with Virtual & Augmented reality. This fusion can create a revolution in marketing and branding. An instant understanding of the product & services can be achieved by which you can witness a wide reach of the brand.
The VR/AR market is predicted to grow at a compound annual rate of growth (CAGR) of seventy-six p.c over the subsequent 5 years. The perfect infusion of AR & VR technologies has the prospect of excelling in the customer experience of all business sectors. This combination is robust with the huge potential to change the way of present business.
Some examples of this technology are:
Real Estate: What if your client could pre-see and feel the 3D realistic tour of the house model? Yes! VR apps give a 360-degree virtual tour letting the user know how the building is going to be. This immersive experience has become possible with VR which ultimately increases customer credibility and engagement.
Education: Learning will get a new life with AR. Wouldn't it be amazing if all the concepts of the subject are screened lively in 3D through the App? You can get such an App which is made by incorporating AR techniques.
Product Demonstration: Virtual images/videos can be created to give a realistic experience of your product. An instant impact is what these technologies make that gives an edge over other contenders.

Final word
So, we have come full-circle on Mobile App development and its usage. We hope that you have got clarity on it. Next, you must be on a lookout for a superb App Development Team. Why not collaborate with Tedroox Technologies?
We are an extremely skilled group of professionals specialized in Mobile App development. App development is not our first rodeo. We have boned up and possess a positive history of Business app development that actually did huge numbers. Let’s connect and bring forth your brand’s App presence soon!