Developing a responsive website that connects Authors with Clever Fox Publishing

About the company

Clever Fox Publishing is an up-and-coming book publishing company located in the bustling city of Chennai, India. They provide book and thesis publishing services to aspiring authors and students. Clever Fox is a whopping community of 11,000+ members encouraging writers, students, and readers.


Clever Fox had an old website that was ordinary which lacked visual grandeur. The content was clunky and devoid of spark. The client was specific about unique illustrations that aptly mirror their offerings. They also wanted an E-commerce store that lists the books published under their belt. The trickiest of all is creating a Royalty Calculator that precisely calculates the cost and profit of authors’ books.

How did we do?


Clever Fox entrusted us with a complete revamp that holds their value and reflects their vision. We exactly reciprocated it. The client was happy with the proactive coordination of our Business Development Manager, Business Analyst, and appreciated developers, designers, and Content writer for making his stunning website bring out to the online space.